• Management System Policies


Erhardt is developing its management system from quality management towards integrated management, taking in concepts such as social responsibility, environmental issues, sustainability, energy efficiency, occupational health & safety, industrial and information security, innovation and risks.

The Erhardt Management Committee has set the policies outlined below in place as the starting point for building up its management system.

At Erhardt we are committed to maintaining and continuously improving our management system. We are all responsible for complying with the requirements of the management system and with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in each case.

Management system policies are reported to and are binding on all employees. They are also made available to our suppliers and subcontractors, so that they can sign up to them, and to any individual or organisation that requests them.

1. Erhardt

Our business was founded in 1882 in Bilbao and Santander and initially focused on maritime transport and the import and export of iron ore and steel products.

Today we are a multi-sectoral, multi-national organisation that brings together the best of a century-old business tradition with the spirit of innovation that is essential to respond properly to a more global setting that is constantly changing.

Our corporate headquarters is in Bilbao, and we also have offices in many other Spanish cities.

2. Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to provide the broadest, most flexible range of services in the fields of transport, IT and communication and the marketing of industrial products and raw materials.


Our efforts are focused on growing sustainably, based on the provision of quality services and continuous improvement, and on being acknowledged internationally as a benchmark organisation.


Over our more than 100 year-long track record we have set our sights clearly on the future, with the strength of our two passions: a passion for growth and a passion for people.

  • A passion for growth because profitable growth is the only way to assure a future.
  • A passion for people because the standard of service provided to customers and the motivation, integration and efforts of all Erhardt employees are the basic building blocks for future success.

3. Social Responsibility Policy

At Erhardt we strive to grow sustainably in financial, social and environmental terms.

We set out to provide high-quality services and to work responsibly and efficiently to achieve financial growth and create value for our customers, shareholders, workers, associates, public administrations and society in general by favouring the development of the social environment in which we work and making rational use of the natural resources required for our operations.

In line with this social responsibility policy, we are committed to the following:

  • Establishing responsible hiring policies to seek to increase employment and combat social exclusion.
  • Fostering behaviour conducive to health and safety in the workplace among our own employees and closer monitoring of contractors in regard to health & safety matters.
  • Heightening awareness of environmental impacts and efforts to reduce them among our employees.
  • We undertake to uphold the principles set our in the UN Global Compact.

4. Occupational Health & Safety Policy


Erhardt sees health & safety management as a strategic, priority issue and a driver for business results. It is a key factor in governing business leadership, and is based on the following:


Ensuring that the health and safety of persons who work for Erhardt are protected and providing safe, health working conditions so as to prevent industries and damage to health. This is an essential commitment, so Erhardt factors it into all activities and takes steps as necessary to ensure that it is fulfilled.

Instilling a culture of prevention as the basis of our corporate culture. Establishing health and safety as individual responsibilities that condition the future of the whole firm and encouraging consultation and engagement with workers.


People are the most valuable resource in our organisation, and nothing is more important than their health and safety.

No operation may come before the health and safety of our people. All work is planned and implemented with safety in mind.

Safety is the responsibility of each individual at Erhardt, but especially of the top management and of those in charge of managing groups of people. And it must be managed on that basis.

Accidents are basically management failures, so all accidents can be avoided if hazards are eliminated and risks reduced.

Current legislation and such other requirements as the firm may voluntarily sign up to must be complied with.


The people who make up Erhardt must be aware of and must take on the functions and responsibilities incumbent on them in terms of health and safety.

This policy is known by everyone who works at Erhardt and is published and therefore unavailable to anyone who needs it.

Health and safety management is based on a process of continuous improvement with specific targets set accordingly.

5. Quality policy

Throughout its century-long history, Erhardt has responded to the various challenges set by the market by offering and developing the most effective solutions for meeting the demands of its customers.

Our idea of how to help customers in their businesses is to identify how things should be. For Erhardt this means teamwork and challenges; for customers it means tailor made solutions.

Our business philosophy can be summed up in the slogan “Believe, Create, Grow”.

Because only by acting together with the full commitment and effort of every individual can we move forward in this joint project. To grow one must create and to create one must believe. And there is only one recipe for this: work, work and more work. And that is our commitment.

6. Environment policy

Erhardt seeks to provide services for its customers tailored to their needs, and to operate competitively in the market by factoring in sustainable development, efficient resource management, environmental protection and respect for the demands of society.

That is why it publishes its environmental policy principles.

  1. Erhardt undertakes to meet the requirements of law on environmental issues plus such other environmental requirements as may be applicable to its operations and services.
  2. Erhardt is irreversibly committed to conserving the environment by reducing resource consumption wherever possible and minimising the use of components harmful to the environment and to living beings.
  3. At Erhardt we see protecting the environment and preventing pollution as an essential part of our operations, and our efforts in this regard are focused on specific goals and directives intended to continuously enhance the efficiency of our management system so as to improve the environmental performance of the whole organisation.
  4. Protecting the environment requires everyone at the organisation to behave responsibly in line with the demands of the current situation.
  5. Erhardt sees reducing the environmental impact caused, among other things, by energy consumption and waste management as the core task in its environmental protection policy.

These principles translate into the establishment of the organisation’s environmental objectives

7. Safety & Security Policies

At Erhardt we see safety as an all-round process that must include risk analysis to ensure that all threats are managed using appropriate methods so that risk mitigation mechanisms can be set in place.

We therefore document, implement, maintain and continuously improve our safety procedures, in which the safety measures to be adopted in each case are set out.

Safety Policy

Effective safety checks must include protective measures to prevent unauthorised access to company facilities.

Erhardt has therefore set up access control procedures for its facilities for workers, suppliers, visitors and vehicles, among other safety measures.

Information Security Policy

In knowledge-based societies, information is a strategic asset.

At Erhardt we realise how important it is to identify and protect our information assets and to prevent the destruction, disclosure, modification and unauthorised use of any information concerned with customers, suppliers, employees, strategies, management or any other area.

We therefore undertake to protect our information resources and the technology used to process them against internal or external threats, be they deliberate or accidental, so as to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, lawfulness and trustworthiness of the information concerned.

Personal Data Protection Policy

We undertake to treat all the personal data to which we have access with the utmost rigour.

Everyone who has access to personal data must act in line with the safety document in place (which sets out the technical and organisational measures to be taken in line with current security regulations).

On request, anyone can exercise the rights to which they are entitled in law in regard to their personal data held in the information processing systems for which we are the data controller.

Supply Chain Safety and Security Policy

At Erhardt our priority is to provide the best possible solutions for each customer in terms of drawing up safe, secure, efficient supply chains.

We therefore factor safety and security management fully into our commercial operations in the supply chain.

As a transport and logistics platform operator, Erhardt undertakes to provide all-round services in an effective, trustworthy, safe, secure manner throughout the supply chain, to actively combat the main unlawful activities found in supply chains (theft, smuggling, fraud, etc.), to provide staff committed to applying safe, secure practices and to use safety and security parameters that ensure the level of trustworthiness required to prevent the risks faced in any irregular or suspect activities.